Club Regulations


Members are reminded that consideration for other Members is the keynote of a successful Club and that a state of dress that may give offence to others must be avoided in the Clubhouse, within the surrounds of the Clubhouse and on the Course.

It is the responsibility of the individual Member to ensure that their guests are dressed in accordance with the Club rules.

Only neat, tidy and clean attire is permitted,

Fashionable clothing designed specifically for golf is also acceptable,

Denim is acceptable in the clubhouse but not on the golf course

The following are not permitted under any circumstances:

Bare feet, Thongs, Sandals

Bathing attire, Singlets or brief Shorts

Clothing with large slogans or advertising logos


Spiked Golf Shoes

Trousers tucked into socks

JUNIORS, PROVISIONAL JUNIORS and LITTLE CHIPPERS, must also be correctly attired at all times. T-shirts, board shorts or bathing attire are not acceptable

The best interests of the Club will be served if all Members play their part in ensuring that the above standards are accepted and maintained.

Unacceptable Dress

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