The Sorrento junior membership system was loosely based on the successful formula used at Barwon Heads Golf Club for the Wallace Cup since 1928 and allows upwards of 300 children and teenagers, who are the future of the club, to learn and play. They start as Little Chippers as young as six and at the age of 10 can become provisional junior members and play in regular club competitions. Most junior events are held in the summer, at Easter and during the school holidays. The main action is in Brash Week, in January, when competitions over nine holes for the Chippers and 18 holes for the older kids are played for dozens of trophies including one awarded by Peter Thomson - the trophy he won at the 1961 British Match Play Championship at Walton Heath.

An indication of the success of the program is that in 2006, five juniors, Josh Oppy, Ben Rogers, Charlie Sartori, Will Johnson and Alex Richards all had single figure handicaps and had played pennant for the club. In addition, Michelle Hui, Josh Oppy and Ben Rogers have all gone on and won Championship aged 18 or less.

Details of all junior events and activities are sent to members and are available on this web site.




Any person over the age of twelve years and under the age of eighteen years may be elected as a junior member. Junior members have full playing rights.


Persons of the age of ten years and under the age of eighteen years may be elected as provisional

Junior Members. Generally an adult who is responsible for their conduct and compliance to the rules and etiquette of the game must accompany them. This category of player may however play with a junior member or other Members at times when the Course is not crowded or interference to other players are unlikely.

Provisional juniors may play in Club Competitions if they hold a GA Handicap however may not play in Championships or Board Events.


Children of the age of six to nine years may be elected to Membership as Little Chippers, which entitles them to attend golf clinics and other junior activities

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