How to Join

Process and Waiting time

How does one commence the process of applying for membership?

A Request for Nomination papers is available from the office, these forms are only issued to members they are numbered and some detail is kept of their intended purpose.

How many members are required to support a nomination of a new candidate?

A Proposer, Seconder and four Referees must sponsor each Candidate. These six members will collectively be known as the Candidate's Sponsors. Contact with the Sponsors will be through the Proposer who is responsible for all aspects of a Candidate's application for membership. The sponsors will be asked independently to describe the Candidate and qualify the Candidate's suitability for Membership.

What is the waiting time?

There are waiting lists for all categories of membership. For Ordinary membership the waiting time is between 3 and 4 years.
For all other categories the waiting time can be considerably less (possibly less than 12 months).

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